Photo Restoration – From Snapshots To Great Shots

Convert your old vintage photographs into Great Shots and bring them back to life with the magic of Photo Restoration Services. 

Almost all of us have vintage photograph albums that reflect our lifelong memories. Such events are so precious that no one wants to lose at any cost. From childhood magical time to preserving old sweet love moments, everyone has their own stories to keep for years to come and make it last longer so that these memories can remain with them always. Through the expert photo restoration process, you can keep your memories alive even years after years.

With the trending age of digital photography, preserving memories can never be easier than ever before. No matter, your old photos got damaged and have specific issues such as scuff marks, stains, creases, or missing corners; color-related problems; and contrast or brightness issues of both black-and-white and color images. Photo Restoration Services can help combat the ill effects of time and recover the best from your old photographs using Adobe Photoshop Software as a primary software solution.

The process of converting your damaged snapshots into great shots involves assessing or evaluating a damaged photo, followed by scanning or importing it while restoring them by using different Photoshop tools to make the most out of it.


Look below to see how photo restoration services can recover your sweet memories back to life by adding a special touch of greatness and creativity to your photos.


It is the first and foremost step to assess the damage of a photo and formulate a plan after scanning and opening it in Photoshop. When editing an image, a thumb rule is that before focusing on specific target areas, tackle your global edits first that can easily be fixed and recovered. Because once you try to clean up dust, rips, and creases first, it is more likely that imperfections reappear after adjusting tone and contrast to the entire image.

Photo Restoration


It is essential to adjust levels and curves first before starting this work because it helps set the levels and adjust the contrast from within the same dialog. Using the droppers below the graph, you can make a quick levels adjustment by bringing the tone of the image back under control. Using the black dropper can help you see one of the darkest points in the image below, and you will see immediate improvements in the overall photo appearance.

When you adjust the levels by setting the black point, you can tweak the contrast of the entire image by creating a slight “S” curve. Don’t panic or get confused if you push the adjustment too far. Just reset it in any Photoshop dialog box by holding down the ALT/OPTION key.

Photo Restoration
Adjust the levels by selecting the black dropper on the left and clicking on the darkest part of the image.

Photo Restoration


Once done with the levels and curves adjustment, it is the point in the photo restoration process when we need to zoom in on the image and start addressing the specific details. Considering this photo repair, the next step is to deal with the big tear at the top. To get it fixed, we can use the Clone Stamp tool by zooming in high to have a good view of that area to repair it by using this tool to copy and fill in the damaged area. Then start working with the edges, then towards the middle, and up towards the top. To ensure that the tones and shading are consistent, change your sample area as you cover more of the tear. Do not worry about keeping a straight at the top because we will crop it out later.
Photo RestoPhoto Restoration ration

Photo Restoration

After fixing it, now it is the time to zoom in really tight and deal with small things like dust, scratches, stains, and creases to make your photo restoration more real. Clone stamp (in earlier Photoshop versions) and Spot Healing Brush can be your choice of tools for dealing with such issues. The spot healing brush can repair minor damages by reading the surrounding pixels and using that information to cover up those damages. As done with all details adjustments by zooming in pretty tight, you will repair with even less noticeable clicks. 

 Photo Restoration
Catch all of the small imperfections by using the zoom tool.

Photo Restoration


After the damages have been recovered, use the Marquee tool to crop out the original scanned photo’s extraneous edges, creating new, clean edges and making your photo restoration process towards its final stage.

Photo Restoration


Rescuing a memory back to its life is always gratifying. A little practice and edits like this will help you achieve the desired results you are expecting for. So keep trying and add a flavor of greatness to your old memories with the best photo restoration services.

Photo Restoration

Whether your old photos require minor touch-ups or you want to revamp them by adding or removing any character, everything is possible now with just a single click. Head over to Photo Pro Boca for the expert photo restoration and editing services to give your old loving memories a fresh look.

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