Vincent Lacroix

Vincent Lacroix is a Parisian painter at the confluence of the "surrealist", "expressionist" and "pop art" movements.

Surrealist because the universe depicts, especially in the last periods, a dream world rather than a real world.

Expressionist in substance, because the expression transforms the painter's inner turmoil into a rather corrosive existential and societal message, although a form of humour sometimes appears in the final work.

Pop, through colours, volumes, lines, which draw from contemporary popular arts (comic strips, street art, 3D cartoons) a dynamism and brilliance that has disappeared in the elitist and dried-up production of a large number of "contemporary art" zealots. In this respect, we find a filiation with surrealists like Max Ernst or Salvador Dali, German expressionism of the 1930s such as Otto Dix or Georges Grosz, figures of pop art and narrative figuration, like Peter Saul and Robert Combas.

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